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1st Circular , July 15th, 2018

ICCG10 will be held at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle and École Normale Supérieure in Paris from July 16th to July 20th! Below you will find practical information regarding the conference.

Please make sure you arrive early on Monday morning, so that you have time to collect your conference bag, check that your registration is valid, relax and drink coffee before the conference starts. A left-luggage room is available for the whole duration of the conference.


Members of the organizing committee will answer your questions and provide assistance. You will recognize them thanks to their bright-orange T-shirts.


The official program is on the website. You can pick up a printed version as you collect your conference package.

The book of abstract will be published on the ICCG10 website by Monday, beginning of the Conference.

Updates (changes and cancellations) will be notified:

  • in an Excel sheet on the door of each room,
  • on the ICCG10 homepage (see the “News” section)


We have added a « News » section at the top of the home page (https://iccg10.sciencesconf.org/). Please refer to this section from now on as any update, program change, last-minute info, etc. will appear there.


There are many cheap PRINTING or COPYING facilities near the Sorbonne Nouvelle University: 

  • COREP 16 Rue Censier, 75005 Paris (50m)
  • Graphic Center, 11 rue de l’Epée de Bois, 75005 Paris (450m)
  • Copy Diffusion, 20bis boulevard Arago, 75013 Paris (600m)
  • Copy Fac, 21 rue Linné, 75005 Paris (600m)

All the above provide affordable options in case you need to print a handout at the last minute. As a last resort, you may contact Aliyah Morgenstern (aliyah.morgenstern@gmail.com) for last-minute printing requests.

If you want to print your poster in Paris, please contact the above companies asap to make sure they will have enough time to print it. 


  • maximum size for posters: A0 format (841 x 1189 mm; 33,1 x 46,8 po)
  • members of the organizing committee will be present to assist poster presenters during set up.


In case of overpayment during registration, we will do what we can to obtain a refund for you.  If this applies to you, please contact Aliyah Morgenstern. Refunds cannot be made via the payment module and are granted on a case-by-case basis after the conference. If you apply for a refund because of a late cancellation, we cannot guarantee a full reimbursement. 


Each room is equipped with:

  • a built-in projector, 
  • sound speakers,
  • a PC,
  • a VGA connection,
  • a USB drive.

We plan to have HDMI connection in all rooms, but cannot guarantee it today. If your computer does not support VGA, you may either bring your own HDMI cable or read the paragraph below.

We highly recommend having all relevant materials copied to your USB flash drive (suitable for a Windows operating system) or stored on a cloud. Powerpoint presentations should also be converted into pdf in case something goes wrong with the original presentation. If you wish to use your own laptops, you are free to do so. Please note that if you use a Mac, we kindly ask you to supply your own adapter.


Présentations last 30 minutes. The actual presentation should be 20 minutes, leaving 8 minutes for questions. We reserve 2 minutes for transition between speakers. It is recommended to upload your presentation in advance, during the coffee breaks or lunch breaks.   


There is an Eduroam wireless network on campus, so you can access the internet automatically from your laptops. We have also set up a wireless internet access for the duration of the conference (login: p3-censier, pwd: coursdete).


A convenience room is available at the cafeteria, should presenters need to work, relax, or charge their laptops or cell phones. The cafeteria is close to the main amphitheater.


There has been a heatwave in Paris for the past couple of weeks. Chances are the heatwave will go on. For weather updates, please check the Weather Channel.


Any question regarding logistics should be addressed to Aliyah Morgenstern (aliyah.morgenstern@gmail.com).

Any question regarding scientific aspects should be addressed to Myriam Bouveret (myriam.bouveret@gmail.com).


The hashtag for the conference is #ICCG10


We are looking forward to seeing you in Paris and wish you a very pleasant trip!

The ICCG-10 organizing committee.

Welcome to ICCG 10!

ICCG-10 aims to provide a forum of discussion between various constructionist approaches such as cognitive construction grammar, embodied construction grammar, fluid construction grammar, radical construction grammar, sign based construction grammar, or other approaches.

It also aims to focus on the different methodologies used as well as the different applications of Construction Grammar. What are the methods currently in use (statistics, experiments, large corpora, small corpora, etc….). How is data collected ? How does the notion of Construction enlighten the research in language teaching, in language acquisition ? What are the possible industrial implementations?

The conference will be followed by two days of tutorials (July 19th-20th) focusing on data and methodology.

Registration and payment

We are happy to announce that registration is now open!


(Registration fee to ICCG Tutorials taking place  on July 19-20 after the Conference July 16-18  is included in the Conference fee. See "Tutorials" in the main menu.)


Registration is a two-step process. It will not be complete until both steps have been finalized.

  • step 1 - Registration proper

a. log into the ICCG10 conference website with your sciencesconf.org credentials.
b. fill-in the registration form as exhaustively as possible. If you are a student, please mention it in the “Title” box.

  • step 2: Payment

Our secure-payment module is external to the ICCG conference website.
a. please visit the conference shop.
b. select the item that applies to you in the list.
For example, if you want to purchase an early-bird registration, please click on “Add to cart” next to the “Early bird” item. For more details about the item you want to purchase, click on “View”, right below “Add to cart”.
Note that early-bird registration is available until April 30th, 2018. Past this date, a regular fee of 260 euros will apply.
Regardless of your status (early-bird, late registration, or student), the registration fee includes : 3 lunches, 6 coffee breaks and the welcoming cocktail. It does not include the conference dinner.
c. The conference dinner will take place at the Résidence Concordia (41 rue de Tournefort, 75005 Paris). If you want to attend the dinner, add this item to your cart (40 euros).
d. as you proceed to checkout, the platform asks you to create an account and log in so as to proceed to payment. Important: this account is different from your sciencesconf login!
d. If you purchase several registration fees for you and colleagues, please make sure that you specify each colleague’s details. This will make things easier for us to track payments.

Keynote speakers

Publication venue

We invite participants to publish their papers in article format in CogniTextes, the journal of the French Cognitive Linguistics Association (AFLiCo). Its main purpose is as a platform for academic exchange and its mission is to forge durable connections between researchers, near and far, working in the domains of cognitive linguistics, who wish to develop their domain in France or abroad. Via its peer review committee, CogniTextes offers previously unpublished articles (long and short), critical reviews and debates.

CogniTextes is indexed on ERIH PLUS and DOAJ.

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